A long time ago in a galaxy far far away……

there was a Space Pony and that didn’t make much sense, but wearing our cosmic festival clothing does …

The ‘Barry’

 SpacePony Independent Festival Wear pace Pony Rainbow Jacket

A Faux Fur bomber with all the attitude for your kitchen disco. Every Barry is unique and handmade in the UK using guterman recycled threads.


The Space Pony Tee

Space Pony Tshirt

A unisex tee featuring our original logo. Wear with pride as our tees are ‘earth positive’; made using renewable green energy, 100% organic cotton and fair wear.

The Space Pony Sweatshirt

Space Pony sweatshirt -Festival wear UK

Our cosy sweatshirt with vibrant pink logo. The perfect after party layer with your fav leggings. These are earth positive, fair wear and 100% organic cotton.

SpacePony Partners: Our resident sound magician Hiro is on spotify ….click here for his tracks available to download NOW!

Space Pony Official

About Us

Yes we make cosmic festival garms, but we’re more than that…check out our creative partners. Space Pony is a state of mind.

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