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Hi, I’m Amy

I’ve been part of Starlight Boutique face paint for six wonderful years in a diverse team of crazy passionate artists specialising in face painting and glitter work for partygoers of all ages. During 2020 we all sorely missed the atmosphere, vibrancy and joy of the UK festival and event scene.

In an attempt to bring some cosmic glitz live to your living room, during a virtual ‘make your own festival banner’ session hosted by miss Sophie Starlight herself; two young minds clashed over a theme….’I want Ponies’ Vs ‘I want Space’, well…lets have them both!

Then things really started falling into place. With a background in fashion we naturally became a festival wear brand, I mean who doesn’t love a bit of MERCH! But we’re so much more than that. Space Pony is a state of mind and it’s for everyone, make, explore and try roller skating.

Lets bring a bit more of that festival feeling into the every day and say YES! I’ve got a good feeling about this, the balls rolling but where will it go next! The universe is guiding us.

Don’t forget to check out Starlight Boutique’s fun and outrageous set-up which always gets people talking. Go to @starlightboutique_ on Instagram for examples of the pop-up glitter and face paint stations they can provide.

See you at the kitchen disco!

Loads of Love from Space Pony

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