Creative Partners

Sound – Hiro

Hiro provides the sounds for the Space Pony Vibe, with Space Pony mixes on Spotify and Live Space Pony sets he’s always baking beats to move yo feetย . Look out for his latest tracks & sets you can stream to your livingroom!


SpacePony are also part of Starlight Boutique who have been operating for seven magical years. They are a diverse team of crazy passionate artists specialising in face painting and glitter work for partygoers of all ages.


Enfant terrible of the glitter and copywriting circuit.

Therapist – Sound Touch Change

Mandy is our favourite therapist for a range of treatments. Her advanced offerings include Neural Coding & Sound Therapy. With over 15 years of experience she uses & retails top brands like Skin & Tonic. Take time for yourself with Sound Touch Change.


What People Say

“I received my ‘Barry’ Last month and have worn it loads! I LOVE unique! Great Quality and really brings the festival vibes to Tesco ;-)”

Andrea, Northampton

“Just got my Space Pony sweatshirt and I couldn’t be happier; It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside! I love being part of Space Pony. Just wanted you to know it made me smile, Thanks Amy!”

Lauren, Essex

We must give a nod to the fabulous andrea who created our website too. Thankyou to I am Virtual Assist Limited for helping us ๐Ÿ™‚ If you need a website for your start up we totally recommend Virtual Assist.

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